Mobility Management

This program enhances mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities by providing funds to programs that serve the unique needs of transit-dependent populations.  These services are in addition to those found under traditional public transportation services and the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) complementary para-transit services.

In Arizona, the Section 5310 grant program is managed by the Arizona Department of Transportation.  In response to the Federal United We Ride initiative, SAFETEA-LU, and MAP-21 requirements, the Arizona Department of Transportation began its coordinated mobility program to administer the grant programs and provide assistance and oversight for local coordination efforts.


Zeena Gagnon | CAG/SCMPO Mobilty Management Coordinator
2540 W Apache Trail, Suite 108 | Apache Junction, AZ 85120
Office Phone: (480) 474-9300 | FAX: (480) 474-9306


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