Transportation Improvement Program

The Sun Corridor MPO Transportation Program includes the development of a five-year local Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The Sun Corridor MPO TIP is a state and federal document that provides a process to allocate federal funds for projects within the Sun Corridor MPO region.  The TIP is updated with amendments to those projects several times a year and a new TIP can be developed annually for the following year.

Any project within the Sun Corridor MPO that may impact air quality conformity or that is funded with federal or state dollars must be programmed on the Sun Corridor TIP. All private or locally funded projects that meet conformity or federally mandated criteria are also programmed on the TIP.

The Sun Corridor MPO region is allocated approximately $600,000 dollars of federal Surface Transportation Bock Grant (STB) funds to help local member agencies with their local roadway projects.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) established the Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), which provides funds for projects designed to reduce transportation emissions, defined as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from on-road highway sources. The Sun Corridor MPO region is allocated approximately $118,000 in federal CRP funding.

Based upon funding availability, a small portion of Transit Planning funds (5303/5305) can also be allocated annually.

Federally funded projects on the TIP must be fiscally constrained to the apportionment or allocation of federal funds.  Projects on the TIP funded by grants, local funding sources or private funding sources are constrained by grant award or private contract.

The TAC and Executive Board authorize projects to be submitted to ADOT for review and eligibility. Once a project is on an approved TIP, it can move forward in the process of project development (design), and then construction.

Below are links to the Sun Corridor MPO TIP. These files are listed as drafts or approved:

2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Amendments & Administrative Modification

Older TIPs and Listing of Projects