Eloy Transit Feasibility Study

The Sun Corridor MPO, in partnership with the City of Eloy, requested and was awarded planning funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to conduct a transit development study and prepare a transit feasibility study for the City of Eloy.  The transit planning study completed in 2011 has now been updated. The study analyzed the market potential for, and viability of, a transit system that can meet the transit demands of the current/future development of the City of Eloy. The plan also provided for future regional transit origination/destination connectivity. The transit plan preparation efforts also included innovative public outreach and involvement program including the general public, businesses, interest groups, and involved government agencies.

The study area was the current city limits of the City of Eloy, with a focus on the developed areas and connectivity to surrounding cities/communities. The planning process also included coordination with other transit providers (e.g. Pinal Hispanic Council and the Eloy Adult Center) and Central Arizona Regional Transit (CART) in Coolidge, as well as the completed Transit Plan for the City of Casa Grande.

FINAL Eloy Transit Feasibility Study (Executive Board Approval (03/12/2019)

Final Executive Board Presentation

Final TTAC Presentation

The Project

The Project Management team has identified six vital tasks to ensure the successful completion of the Eloy Transit Feasibility Study and will be initiating  this study in January, 2018.

Task 1Project Management – Task 1 will continue throughout the life of the Transit Feasibility Study and consists of all project management duties (scoping, scheduling, budgeting) as well as coordination with key stakeholders, the TTAC, staff and other identified groups identified during the project.

Task 2Current and Future Conditions – Task 2 will assess existing and future transit conditions (i.e. land use, roadways, employer locations, etc.) as well as the creation of a Vision for Transit in the City of Eloy. Items that may have a direct impact on potential transit use and need will be analyzed and include current/future socioeconomic conditions, transit demand analysis, an overview of current transit providers and an overview of transit funding options.

Task 3Short Range Transit Plan – Task 3 will result in Transit options that could be implemented by the City of Eloy in the near and mid-term. This will include information on demand estimation, key trip destinations, key stop prioritization, route development, fare structure, ADA accommodations, operator procurement identification and transit vehicle type assessment. Task 3 will also include safety, performance standards and FTA compliance as well as a financial analysis aspect.

Task 4Long Range Vision – Task 4 will provide the City of Eloy with a framework for future expansion of transit services and will address long term transit conditions and opportunities within the City.

Task 5 Implementation Plan – Task 5 will be a culmination of all other tasks and gathered public input. The Implementation Plan will identify all the necessary steps to plan, design, equip, construct needed infrastructure, initiate transit service, carry out the plan, continually evaluate and provide for future extension of transit service within the City of Eloy and connectivity to originations/destinations outside the City .

Task 6Public Involvement – Task 6 is a key component to the successful completion of any transit study and will continue throughout the life of the Eloy Transit Feasibility Study. Public education, awareness and input will occur using a variety of methods including online surveys, public and stakeholder meetings, formation of a Transit Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) and briefings at various City of Eloy Public Meetings (i.e. City Council, various Commissions, Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

Project Schedule