Pinal County Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

Pinal County is divided between two MPOs and one COG. All three planning agencies have completed Strategic Transportation Safety Plans (STSP) for their respective planning areas. Pinal County developed a STSP that combined relevant recommendations from all three safety plans and also met current federal requirements for the Pinal County planning area.

A cohesive plan for the County will help fill any gaps that may exist in the existing plans, such as the identification of specific regional safety projects for the Pinal County communities of: City of Maricopa, Gila River Indian Community, Ak Chin Indian Community, Town of Florence, San Tan Valley, City of Apache Junction and unincorporated areas in Pinal County.

The Pinal County STSP addresses the necessary steps and elements, from a regional transportation planning perspective, to reduce the risk of death and serious injury to all transportation users in Pinal County.  The Sun Corridor MPO, in partnership with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and Central Arizona Governments (CAG) funded the Strategic Transportation Safety Plan for Pinal County utilizing Local HSIP funding from all three planning agencies. This project developed a customized regional plan for Pinal County in order to address the issues and needs for Pinal County and its transportation users.

The Pinal County STSP was developed in close coordination with Arizona’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).  This ensured that federal requirements were met, statewide/local consistency was prevalent, and unique regional needs were addressed.

The primary outcome for the Pinal County STSP project includes the following:

  • Safety System Performance
  • Network Screening Methodologies for Prioritization of Transportation Safety Needs
  • Identification and Analysis of Available Resources for a Transportation Safety Perspective
  • Regional Vision and Goals for Transportation Safety
  • Emphasis Areas, Goals, and Performance Measures
  • Transportation Safety Strategies
  • A Strategy to Improve Safety Project Development Process
  • Implementation Plan
  • Identification and Prioritization of Candidate Transportation Safety Projects
  • Benefit/Cost Ratio Tabulation
  • Pinal County STSP – Combining the Pinal County Portions of the MAG, CAG, and SCMPO Safety Plans into one Cohesive Document for Pinal County

Public Meetings

Three Public Meetings were held in 2018; July 12 in Maricopa, July 30 in Florence, and July 31 in San Tan. These meetings were designed to gather feedback from the citizens of Pinal County.Three additional meetings were held in 2019; July 24 in Apache Junction, July 30 in Santan, and July 31 in Florence. The meetings were an open house style format that allowed members of the public to interact with the study team, review crash maps, and learn the outcome of the Safety Study. The Study Team also provided a brief presentation, which are linked to below.

2018 Presentations

2019 Presentations

Executive Board Presentation (09/10/2019)

FINAL Pinal County STSP